Founder and Director

HI! I am Sudip, I joined the jewellery business for a long time, but I joined the diamond jewellery business as a salesman in 2001. When I went to work I was aiming that, from the general customer to shopkeepers both were afraid of diamond jewellery. Because they were not aware of the diamond jewellery, for example-the Actually price of Diamond, Certification, Resale etc. Their ideas were that the diamond jewellery can’t be resold, at that time there was very little in Kolkata, the laboratory for making Diamond jewellery certificates. I tried to convince them that, diamond jewellery is also worth re-buying such as gold ornaments.Then I opened my company . The name of the company is S.Ganguly& Co. I think the experience of working as a salesman for  longyears is the capital of the company running today. Keeping in mind my experience from the beginning, I have made transparency in every aspect of the product, like- MRP, Certification, Return policy etc. In 2011, I brought out a brand named Gunjan( as per the name of my son) under the company of S.Ganguly& Co. I wanted to have more intimate contact with each of my valued customer, if they have any questions, or if there is a problem, to resolve the problem quickly so let’s reply within 24 hours via email. (Please drop a mail at info@gunjandiamond.com, we will respond within 24 hours.) we are S.Ganguly& Co. and  Ganguly Diamond Private Limited. Our website is www.gunjandiamond.com. We have introduced another brand named Cattleya under Ganguly Diamond Private Limited.

Now Two brands under Ganguly Diamond Private Limited, (1) Gunjan Diamond  (2) Cattleya

I dreamed that in the hands of millions of people, we have given our Exquisite diamond jewellery to the lower price, so go ahead. If you want to talk with me about our product, you can call me directly. My mobile no- 9836564615 and 7685084260



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